sp. z o.o. was established in 2000. Initially the company focused on the implementation of modern B2B systems and CRM systems for companies in the insurance and financial sector. A year later in 2001 the needs of our customers made us implement wide area network services using the fiber optics and wireless technologies. Also in 2001 sp. z o.o. became one of the first network partners with Akamai Inc. and a RIPE member. Our first Tier1 network connection was established in 2001. Years 2001-2004 resulted in rapid increase of server hosting space demand to the point where the capacity of our first colocation rooms was not enough, which forced us to invest and expand our colocation infrastructure. A constantly increasing demand for server lease and colocation serviced in the following years was an incentive to further investments and creation of the new brand Datahouse.pl. In 2008, thanks to regulatory changes we have implemented a DSL service based on the BSA agreement under the name Etlink. The same period resulted in another new brand - a hosting service under the brand Hostilla.pl. In 2010, our range of services under the brand name Datahouse.pl was extended by VPS hosting services using the Parallels technology. 2010 was also the year when IPv6 services were implemented making us one of the first Providers to use IPv6. Interconnections between different providers were developed simultaneously with the development of physical infrastructure. From the very beginning, has been present in many domestic traffic exchange points GIX, WIX, PLIX, TPIX, Thinks and since 2011 also present in the Amsterdam AMSIX traffic exchange point where has direct peering connections with such giants as Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon. Our international transit providers were are are many Tier1 class operators such as UUNET, Tiscali, Cogent, Level, NTT and Hurricane Electric.


In business, as in life, what counts above all is the partner which you bind your fate to, whom you entrust what is most important. What is important in everyday life can be translated directly to business - stability, trust and respect are the foundation for any actions. is a stable business partner that you can count on not only when everything works at it should, but most of all, when problems occur. Our principle is that our success is dependent on the success of our customers. This is why our customers can always count on our expertise, advice and quick and effective actions in the event of problems also of a non-technical nature.  We assume that the sole responsibility of the customer is to pay for the service and leaving the rest to us. Therefore, we are often given high ratings given to us by our customers.


Konrad Olszewski -President of th Board-

Jarosław Dajnowicz -V-ce President of th Board-


  • IT Consulting
  • Development and management of extensive fiber optic network s
  • Data center services
  • Hosting Services
  • Virtualization Platforms
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet access
  • Radio data transmission systems
  • Development of advanced information systems
  • IT Administration systems





Etopline : 0 801 081 221
koszt wg. taryfy operatora

tel: 22 578 01 00
fax: 22 578 01 01
e-mail: etop@etop.pl

Dział Handlowy
tel: 22 578 03 21
e-mail: kolokacja@etop.pl
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e-mail: hosting@etop.pl

Dział Techniczny
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Godziny pracy biura 8:30-17:30

Zgłaszanie awarii łącz radiowych i kolokacji 24 godziny
(łącza, kolokacja, dzierżawa serwerów)
801 081 330
z telefonów komórkowych 22 578 03 30

Zgłaszanie problemów dotyczących administracji systemowej
22 578 03 20

Rejestracja domen, przydział adresacji IP, wpisy DNS, Hosting, Obsługa kont pocztowych
tel. 22 578 03 23
email: dat@etop.pl

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02-222 Warszawa
Regon 016310320 NIP 522-25-50-755
KRS 0000029426 Sąd Rejonowy dla m. st. Warszawy, XIV Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
Kapitał zakładowy 75000 PLN
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